Using trend research to assist organizations in responding to outside challenges, mapping strategies, and pursuing their visions for future growth.


The future is composed of the 3 Cs: Change, Continuity, and Choice.

Planning and creating the future of your organization or company requires this first step: a good assessment of the future environment in which you expect it to thrive! This assessment is what Growth Strategies provides.

The future environment is composed of three things: the things that will change, the things that won't, and then, the choices you make. Hire us on the front end of your planning process to help you more accurately define the parameters of your future environment.

Don't just extrapolate! Combine the elements of vision and Foresee!

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Roger's newsletter is comprised of his current selection of trends that bear watching, with links to original sources, and presented with (or without!) analysis and commentary. He seeks to convey not just information but knowledge, understanding and insight. His approach is guided by the fact that external forces outside of your control are shaping the future environment for which your organization must prepare. There IS a discernible future; let Roger put it in perspective for you!
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