Our Extraordinary Future

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I recently had the pleasure of addressing a consortium of community colleges from across the country. I entitled my presentation “Our Extraordinary Future.” My basic premise is that after this difficult period, our country/nation/society will renew itself in many ways, and perhaps the most significant is that we will become more community-oriented.

After explaining how I approach the study of the future, and refuting recent popular assertions (“innovation is over” and “average is over”), I reference trends that point to decentralization, diversity, voluntarism, free-market solutions and indigenous growth.

Citing Phelps (Mass Flourishing), I see our future characterized by disruptive innovation, which is underpinned by values such as the desire to create, explore, and meet challenges. We are a pioneering, frontier nation; that is our founding, our present, and our future.

I also discuss other characteristics of the rest of this 21st century, and explore the technologies that will smooth the way.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me. I can tailor this presentation to any audience that is interested.

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