Index of Culture and Opportunity

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In my presentation “Our Extraordinary Future,” I posit that after we pass through our current difficult period (The Fourth Turning or Great Reset, as some have called it), our culture/society/nation will become more community-oriented. How will that happen and what will it look like? In this regard I find the work of The Heritage Foundation to be of great insight and utility.

Asking the right questions about the social, cultural and economic factors shaping opportunity in America is what The Heritage Foundation’s Index of Culture and Opportunity aims to do. The Index tracks national data on key indicators and pairs it with expert commentary from think tank researchers, academics, journalists, and practitioners. Their insights shed light on the factors that are helping to advance – or to hinder – opportunity in America.

You can read the executive summary here.

And here is their latest Right Track/Wrong Track table of trends:

2017_Culture_Index_Scorecard_Overall (1)