How can you best look into the future to plan for your organization’s or company’s next step? Bring Dr. Roger Selbert into your envisioning process. Roger conducts research, provides market analysis, and advises on strategic planning processes for a wide range of industries.

The future includes the things that will change, the things that won’t, and then, the choices you make.

The things that will change include

  • External forces outside of your control (political, economic, social, demographic)
  • Technology (the tools at your disposal)
  • The rules of the “games” you are expected to master
  • Competitive disruptions (rivals don’t stand still!)

The things that won’t change – continuity – include human nature (great strategies are dependent on human implementation; the biggest challenges are so often how to manage human resources); and, importantly, the cycles of life (products, services, industries).

The choices you have to make involve how to adapt, respond, anticipate, prepare and act. This is the process by which you identify and exploit opportunities. As conditions change, you must be responsive and flexible, and change your perceptions, attitudes, approaches, and strategies.

The only certain future is the one you create! Let Roger help guide you into a powerful future.


How Dr. Selbert Can Help You

Recent consulting projects include research and presentation

… to a major metropolitan region’s chamber of commerce on how to spur economic development, business growth, and job growth.

… to a large investment house on the future of a technology industry it is funding.

… to an economic development consortium on what types of educational and vocational reform they need to be championing.

Roger also has expertise in consumer and retailing trends. As publisher of “Integrated Retailing,” he was one of the first to advise retailers that the future belongs to those who combine online and in-store environments.

His clients have included national and international consumer product companies, for whom he has conducted both primary research (surveys and focus groups), and secondary research (reviewing already published findings). Roger summarizes and interprets results to guide growth strategies (hence the name!).

Roger has also served as a media spokesperson in national PR campaigns, using his research on consumer trends to support his client companies’ product positioning.